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Prescription Compliancy
The State’s position – as determined by the (FDA) – requires that Colon Irrigation devices must be registered and listed with the FDA. Colon Irrigation devices used for colonics (Colon Hydro-therapy) requires a physician’s prescription to be on file for every colon hydro-therapy client.
If your Client Intake Form indicates a previous or current contraindication, the Colon Hydro-therapist must call Pathways to Health Wellness Spa & Clinic, Medical Director, for approval. If the Medical Director is not available to give approval by phone/ fax, the appointment must be rescheduled until your Client Intake Form is reviewed by the Medical Director.
Clients without medical contraindications may proceed with colon hydrotherapy at the time of their scheduled appointment.
An annual fee per annum of $35.00 will be charged for your prescription.
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