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Seventy MILLION Americans suffer from constipation. Remember, what goes in should come out. So, based on however many times per day you are eating you should be eliminating.
Dr. John R. Christopher gives us something to think about....
If the average American has only three bowel movements a week and is suppose to have three a day, then by the end of the week they are eighteen bowel movements short. By the end of the month they are seventy-two bowel movements behind. And by the end of the year, they have a eight hundred and sixty-four bowel movement deficit. This adds up over the years. When the average person is 80 years old, they are about seventy thousand bowel movements behind. No wonder the body starts breaking down and feeling old!
Here is a staggering fact. Physicians write more than one million Prescriptions annually for treating constipation. More "shelf space" (second only to pain relievers) is allocated to over the counter laxatives in our grocery and drug stores than any other O.T.C. medication. Americans spend nearly a BILLION dollars annually on laxatives.
Laxatives Are Big Business!!!
Is it any wonder that Colon Cancer is the number two cancer related cause of death in the U.S.
Dr. Walker states:"there are two crimes against Nature which civilization indulges daily. Both beget the most common and popular of our ailments, constipation. One is consumption of devitalized and refined foods. The other, is neglecting to stop everything we are doing when the urge to defecate occurs and head straight to the bathroom."
In addition, the blood eliminates many of its wastes through the walls of the colon. When these wastes arrive at the inner walls of the bowel, they are unable to pass through if the walls are crammed with hardened feces. So unable to escape, there is no other option but for these wastes to be reabsorbed and distributed throughout the body, poisoning the blood, weakening the immune system and causes a variety of diseases. It is also quite obvious that if a person is unable to move their bowels, flushing the inspissated (dry and hardened) contents can open the passage so, here, we have a clear indication. If the person's bowels are blocked due to dried up feces, flushing them out will obviously restore the ability of the bowels to move; and, it goes without saying that without bowel movements, obstruction and illness will ensue.
The Digestive System As It Relates To Colonics
Transit time refers to the length of time it takes for food to be ingested, processed by the stomach and small intestine, pass through the large intestine and eventually eliminated.
While opinions vary on this subject, the vast majority concur 18 to 24 hours is appropriate for a healthy colon.
Many persons who eliminate every three to four days have a transit time of 72 hours to 96 hours. The slow passage of stool allows the chyme to putrefy, pathogenic bacteria to build up and parasites to thrive in the decaying stagnant material and be absorbed through the intestinal wall into the blood stream and circulated throughout the body.
If the food ingested can travel twenty plus feet in approximately six hours, it shouldn't take almost four days to travel the last five feet!
Colon Hydrotherapy

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